Nov 18, 2019 Web Design

The Most Important Components in Modern Web Design

The digital era now makes the interaction between consumers and producers easier. One way is to use a website to see a product, promo, and so on.

Given the huge role that websites play in marketing and selling a product and service, it is crucial to make the site look attractive and look modern. To create this, five components need to be considered, as in the following review.

# The layout is Good to Look at

A website should pay attention to the layout of the design so that readers easily capture and receive the information conveyed. For that, make a simple layout you can do. Make arrangements or flow of information that can be followed by the eyes of the reader.

Then, you need to arrange the elements based on what priority scale will be conveyed. The composition includes the most important, important, and less important things. For the most crucial thing (main post), you should put it on the left side, while the sidebar is on the right. The balance of the composition of design elements is also important to note so that it looks neat.

# Choose the Font Type of Interesting Fonts

After choosing a layout, the next step is to select the font type font. Choosing letters on the website is certainly different from choosing fonts for brochures or writing books. This is because the human eye gets tired more quickly when reading on paper. Selecting the font type of the website font is considered important because it is characteristic of your business and can increase readership.

There are four primary letter classifications, namely Serif, Sans Script, Serif, and Decorative. Serif gives a classic and elegant impression like Garamond, Times New Roman, Georgia, and Cambria. In contrast, Sans Serif is best used because its readability is high and gives a formal and casual impression.

Examples are Helvetica, Arial, Trebuchet, Verdana, and Josefin Sans. For script letters, you can use the post title and avoid using it in the body text. While decorative, as well as the Script, suitable for the title and body text.

# Play Color Combinations

Visitors and readers of your website will be interested in the design has pleasing colors. Color can also affect the mood and psychology of the reader. Also, avoid using colors that are busier than the content.

To combine colors well, use light colors for the background and dark colors for the text. If you’re not too sure, you can use the grayscale motif.

To create its own characteristics on the website, choose one color that you will highlight. As for the variations, you can use other colors, but the tone and gradation must still be the same as the main color.

# Menu Navigation

On a website, navigating this menu can be analogous to a clue to make it easier for readers to find the desired content. There are two types in this navigation, namely linear navigation and hamburger navigation.

For website in niche card games such as poker or sports book, menu navigation has important role to ease visitor on registration and do the transactions, better it is deposit or withdrawal. Online bookmaker professional website implements the hamburger menu to make good navigation but still with great and interactive design.

However, you should use hamburger navigation because it’s easier and gives room to the website. One web design that uses this type is Google Chrome.

Tips for making navigation seem easy are by placing it at the top of the layout, either below or above the header. Next, categorize navigation by theme and topic.

Use the dropdown menu to separate sub-topics from other sub-topics and use only one navigation bar. Don’t forget to also provide a ‘search’ button on the display, including the contacts that can be contacted.

# Image and Video Quality

You need to pay attention to the quality of the pictures and videos used. Ideally, good photos have a minimum resolution of 150 PPI. Use images in JPG format.

Avoid using photos with watermarks, and if the photo is licensed, you should buy it to avoid copyright issues.

Next is to use photos and videos that are relevant to the contents of your content. If you take pictures from other websites, mention the source with a complete direct link. This is to avoid copyright infringement.

How quite easy, is not the way to make a modern website look? Good luck, and good luck with your website, successfully getting high traffic!