Oct 14, 2019 Mobile Apps

Things You Must Consider Before Making a Mobile Application

The variety of mobile applications available can help almost all the needs of the community. You can get communication, transportation, work, or hobby needs from the use of a mobile application.

However, it is not an easy thing to make mobile applications, both Android and iOS. You must know what the essential elements needed to be able to make a mobile application are. Consider the following:

# Where the Application Will Be Used

The first step that must be done when creating a mobile application is to think about where or what the application will be used for. Remember, not necessarily the application that you make can be used anywhere or anytime.

You have to think specifically about where the user will use the mobile application because this will affect the design of your mobile app later.

For example, the application is related to geo-location aspects that must be connected to the Global Positioning System (GPS) and will be used when the user is running.

For this type of application, make sure its basic functions can be accessed and seen easily, remembering the user using it while they are moving.

Applications that will be used when the user is running/moving must focus on large, easy-to-read text and can be easily scrolled.

# Define the Main Purpose of the Application

A goal-oriented approach is the safest way to create effective and successful mobile applications. The point here is that you have to think carefully about what goals you want to achieve from the mobile app that you will create.

Research what your community and customer needs are, what they use to support their daily activities and how you can help them. The clear main purpose will be your guide in creating and developing the mobile application.

# Clear Design

Not only is the design of the application bright, but also the design in all aspects, including, of course, the application features. You must ensure that you and the user have the same understanding of the function and use of the application when creating the mobile app.

Don’t make the design as you wish and instead confuse the user. When creating a mobile application, make sure the menu is made simple and easy to read, making it easier for users to understand how to use it.

You can also add relevant icons to clarify the function of each section in the application further.

# Responsive Design and Size

There are many types of devices that people use with different screen sizes, so make sure your application can be opened on all devices without exception.

This means the programmer or application developer must create a mobile application with responsive design and size so that it can be adapted to the device used by the user.

# Multi-User and Multi-Device Options

Consider creating multi-user and multi-device systems or features to make it easier for users to use your application.

For that, you also have to design a registration process that allows users to have accounts that can be used on two or more different devices in the process of creating a mobile application.

Don’t make the registration or login process complicated, given the many applications that require users to fill in so much data that it makes the user lazy to continue. If a user has to fill out their data for more than 1 minute, then you can immediately lose a lot of potential users.

# Appropriate Platform

Don’t be confused with the many platforms available on the internet. Choose the one that best suits your needs and your main goals. Do not let the platform instead cause your mobile application not to function properly.

Also, make sure you have used the right generic code and the correct product type for your application type.

# Colors to Get the Message Right

Colors can be selected and used to target specific purposes. For example, the black color on one button and the brighter color on other buttons, then the message will be conveyed: the first button is the most important button of all.

Don’t use a different color for each button and try to make a clear difference between the button and the background used. Also, think about the psychology of the colors used.

Users generally tend to avoid orange buttons because this common perception of colors creates a sense of urgency.

# Label Icon

In order not to confuse the user about the different functions of each button, it is better to give a clear label to each button or icon.

# Simple Design

Touch and design are very important in making modern mobile applications because almost all application usage is done by tapping (touch) to the screen. That is why make sure the design of a mobile app is designed.

For example, the location of the placement of the menu that is above, below, or right and left side greatly affects the comfort of use by the user.

# Feedback and Evaluation

The parties who immediately feel good or bad about your mobile application are the users. They hope to be able to use applications that respond quickly and effectively. Receive all feedback and periodically evaluate your mobile app.