Aug 05, 2019 Web Design

Is Using Progressive Web App, Companies Will Get Benefits?

Progressive Web App (PWA) had become a hot topic when Google in 2016 discussed it at the I / O event. PWA is a web application that runs like a native application, notification, and UX. An example of a PWA application is mobile Twitter and also mobile Facebook.

If you open the two websites above, you will feel that you have opened via the application. You can also explore this when you open the Amazon and Alibaba websites through a mobile browser.

Now you are also wondering, what are the actual benefits of using PWA, especially for the sustainability of your company? Check out the answer below:

# Your Website Can Be Opened Offline

The first advantage of PWA is that your website can be opened offline. When visitors have the chance to open a website, PWA will systematically save several pages that have been opened previously. Then what if there are visitors who have time to click on an offline website? In PWA, you can make settings to prepare your own offline page.

However, there are some weaknesses here. For your website that depends its life on Adsense, on offline pages, ads will not come out. Even so, at least the visitors will not be disappointed after opening the website.

# Display Like Application, Works Like a Website

One of the great advantages of a mobile website that has been integrated with PWA is that the website’s appearance will be very similar to the application, and all of its UI / UX will work like on the site. In 2016, Google released a study that 11% of website visitors agreed to download a PWA website.

Not only that, but about 6-7% of website visitors also agree to receive push notifications. So, if your market is mostly middle-to-low, this will be an advantage because they don’t need to install applications and fill the memory in their smartphones.

# Improve Website Performance

If you link the website with Analytics, you will see how the website’s performance is very influential on the return of visitors. Now try to imagine if there are visitors who come to your website, then it turns out there is a problem in the load time so they will never come back again.

Now, with this PWA, the visitors who previously had a problem with load time, they can calmly browse on the website without fear of slowing down.

In Google Analytics, you will see how many are returning visitors and also new visitors. Several things must be considered, and you should be able to do maintenance returning visitors. Because if you only rely on new visitors, your website will not be able to develop properly.

Progressive Web App or PWA allows your website or application to work optimally so that visitors or users feel satisfied when using it. The higher the level of their satisfaction, of course, the better the impact on your company. So, are you sure you are implementing PWA?