Sep 01, 2019 Mobile Apps

For Your Business Needs Choose To Create A Website Or Mobile Application?

Industrial Revolution 4.0 makes many aspects of life dependent on the internet. Likewise, with the business world. You certainly need promotions quickly and easily. For this reason, a website and a mobile application are required. Between the two, sometimes you feel confused about choosing which platform. To help you make your choices, you can listen to the following reviews. However, you also need to know that creating websites and mobile applications directly is also possible.

Know the Difference Between Both First

Websites generally consist of browser-based HTML pages that can be connected and accessed via the internet. There are two types of websites, namely mobile websites and standard websites. The standard site is designed for devices with a large enough capacity, such as computers, laptops, or tablets. As for mobile websites, it is made more straightforward because it is used for smartphones, both displaying text, images, data, and video.

Meanwhile, the application is a tool for accessing certain things through a smartphone. Before using it, you need to download it through a special portal such as the Apple App Store, Play Store, and so on. Just like websites, mobile applications have advantages, either by downloading them when connected to the internet or can be accessed without using an internet connection.

The Right Time and Purpose to Make It

After knowing the difference between the two, maybe you need to consider when the right time to make it. Besides, it is also important to pay attention to what is the purpose of creating a website or mobile application for business.

We peel from the mobile application first. If you want for everyday needs, a mobile app is more appropriate. For example, for communication purposes, tools to complete tasks, payments, and transportation. Meanwhile, if you aim for entertainment, whether you need an internet connection or not, you can create mobile applications such as music players, games, and so on. The mobile app is also suitable for those of you who have businesses around information portals such as social media or news sites.

Then, what about the website? Please create a business website first. This is because people will be interested in reading and viewing websites. As more and more people visit business websites, consider making a mobile application. Of course, this aims to make it easier for potential customers. However, some are doing the opposite. This is more determined by the size or size of the business that you manage, considering that making both costs the same amount.

Things to note

In installing a website and a mobile application or both, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. Here are a few of them, both for websites and mobile apps.

  • Website

Users can access the website with a browser that is on a PC or smartphone that has been installed automatically, considering accessing the site requires an internet connection first. Website access speed depends on internet connection speed. The faster the connection, the smoother you can access the website.

The website also has limitations, such as in terms of access to the camera, and so on. However, the advantage is that it is cheaper and content indexed by search engines and does not depend on any device.

  • Mobile Application

The advantage of a mobile application lies in its ability to be used while offline, depending on the application. In terms of graphic appearance, you could say it’s better and can use other features such as cameras and so on. Apart from that, the mobile application is also quite fast for making money.

However, on the other hand, there are disadvantages such as content that is not indexed by search engines and only depends on certain devices. The manufacturing costs are also not cheap and require additional costs for updating.

How about making both?

Installing a website or a mobile application together has more advantages for your business. With both, you can expand the reach of promotions, not only domestically but abroad. You can offer business products or services online anytime and anywhere, keeping in mind the people of the world at any time must access the internet for seven days 24 hours. Therefore, make a schedule for making interesting posts through business websites or mobile applications.

Next is to introduce your business to the wider community. The public will want to know what products you offer and their advantages. A website or mobile application can provide that information quickly to the public. Not only that, but both of them also make it easier for the public to get other information such as job vacancies and so on.

Reducing the cost of expenses, you can certainly get by using both. Indeed, at the beginning of manufacture may be somewhat expensive. However, try to compare it with if you use conventional promotions. Costs incurred will be higher, and you need extra energy to do marketing, promotions, and offers to consumers.

Either installing a website or a mobile application, all depends on your business needs. Installing both is possible if your business is well known and has a stable financial standing. So, which one do you want to choose?