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These Are Tips for Playing Online Poker Through an Android Application

The online poker betting method was created to provide more convenience for players. In the early era of online poker gambling, this game could only be played using a computer device. This online poker gambling game with a computer device also has many conveniences at that time.

Nowadays, the method of playing online poker gambling also continues to develop. The most recent development in online poker gambling is the method of playing using an Android mobile device. You can visit poker online uang asli terbaik gambling application that can be installed on a smartphone device such as your Android device.

Why Online Poker Gambling Games Use Android Applications

As we said earlier, the game of poker betting using a computer device already has many advantages. You can play this online poker gambling game from anywhere and anytime. However, the game of poker with this method still has several drawbacks that are an obstacle for players.

First, not all players have a computer or laptop, so they have to go to an internet cafe to play online poker gambling. Second, online poker gambling games that are played using computer devices are less practical because it is difficult to move places. Not to mention that the internet connection must be really stable so that the game runs smoothly.


The existence of some of these obstacles made online poker bookies think of creating new playing methods using an Android application. Can you imagine what the conveniences of playing online poker gambling using an Android smartphone device are? The most obvious convenience is that the online poker gambling game becomes more practical.

In this day and age, almost everyone also has a smartphone device so that online poker gambling games can be accessed by all people from all walks of life. So the reason why the online poker gambling game is played using an Android application is clear, namely to increase accessibility and ease of play.

Tips for Playing Poker Gambling Using an Android Device

The existence of a new method of playing poker betting certainly requires adjustments from the player's side. Because online poker gambling games from computer devices and Android applications have a big difference, for that, we immediately explain the main discussion of this article about tips for playing online gambling using an Android application.

  • Use a good quality android poker application.
    The first tip if you want to play online poker gambling using an Android application, of course, you have to look for the Android poker application first. Not all Android poker applications you can use just like that. Only a quality android poker application will provide you with many benefits, as mentioned in the explanation above.
  • Learn the appearance and features of the android poker application
    The next important tip for those of you who want to play online poker using an Android application is to study the appearance and features of the Android poker application itself. So that you can feel the benefits of the Android poker application, of course, you must be able to use it properly. So first, learn the ins and outs of the Android poker application that you will use.
  • Optimize the performance of your android poker application
    Other tips that are no less important, you must be able to optimize the performance of the Android poker application. First, you have to use a qualified android device so that the poker application can run smoothly. You can also clean the chance of the application periodically so that you delete unnecessary files from the Android poker application.

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4 Quotes from “Star Wars” That Could Be Inspiration for Your Company Change

Getting constructive inspiration for your company can come from anywhere, no exception from the movies you like. Star Wars, for example, this popular film presents not only interesting stories worth watching but also many quotes that are quite impressive.

Some of the quotes you can make inspiration for your company. Curious? Check the full information below!

Do or do not. There is no try, Yoda.

The quote delivered by Yoda to Luke in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back is quite inspiring for those of you who are always hesitant in doing something. The word try indicates the possibility of failure that you let happen, while the word doing emphasizes that you will do your best without thinking about failure.

By changing the word try by doing, you will become more optimistic and motivated to do things maximally. If this happens within the company, there will certainly be many positive changes. You can also take this quote to change your income by playing betting in soccer bet in agen bola sportsbook. All you have to do is just by start and doing these habits, just like Yoda said.

There are no more futile trials, only ideas to be realized for the sake of company change and development.

You watch your language, C3PO.

The quote presented by one of these Star Wars C3PO characters can be used in the world of work to make the company better. Sometimes, all problems that might be encountered in a company need to be discussed properly to find the best solution.

Paying attention to the use of language and ways of speaking from employees to the boss or vice versa is very important to give birth to perfect synergy. In the professional world, certainly wrong is still wrong, and right is always right, but conveying what is wrong with good language speech also certainly does not hurt.

With good and polite grammar, chances are your company will develop a culture and a comfortable atmosphere. That way, your employees will be more enthusiastic to work so that they can contribute more to the maximum of your company. This quote is quite feasible.

I find your lack of faith disturbing, Darth Vader.

Your company certainly has its vision, mission, and targets to be achieved. To achieve these things, of course, it takes hard work and trust in what is desired. That's what you can quote from this one quote Darth.

If you don't have confidence in what you want, how will you turn that dream into reality? Try to grow confidence in yourself about the work entrusted with and work hard to achieve company goals.

If the boss and employees have the same belief in the company's targets, it will be easier to make it happen. At the very least, the enthusiasm and confidence that you have can trigger steps that have a positive impact on a better company change.

There are too many things you don't understand, Darth Vader.

The antagonist in the Star Wars movie is certainly familiar to fans of this one film. Although the character is full of shades of darkness, Darth still has thoughts that you can make inspiration. One of them is this one quote.

You can apply this quote in the company to remind both employees and yourself never to stop learning.

If someone already feels they know everything, it is difficult to learn new things and see things from a different perspective, right?

A knowledge-wise attitude will greatly disrupt company performance. Especially if that attitude is not accompanied by reliable performance, the condition of your company can be a threat. Therefore, you should always encourage your employees to continue to learn and apply new and creative ways to complete the tasks given.

This is quite effective in improving the quality of work and make the office atmosphere more pleasant. Remember, the more capabilities and knowledge you have, the greater the new opportunities you can get later.

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5 Ways to Choose the Right Mobile App Developer for You

Creating a mobile app for your business is certainly not something that can be done with an origin. Especially now that many developers promise quality and speed.

But why aren't all famous good quality and fast? Then what method should you choose the developer for your mobile app? Find out how here.

# Find developers who are interesting to do your project

First, you should try to find lots of developers for your mobile app workmanship proposal. Then, find out which of these developers are serious about working on your project.

Of course, some mobile app developers look more enthusiastic than others. When these developers are enthusiastic, they will be more enthusiastic about working on your project. Surely this is a good sign.

# Seeing Their Porto Folio Carefully, Prioritize Who Has a Good UI

Besides the enthusiasm, you should also pay close attention to the portfolio of the developers. Prioritize those who work by producing a good UI or user interface.

Some developers may be too busy with decorations and whatnot, so even though it looks fancy, users who are not familiar will find it difficult to use. There are also developers who focus on the UI so that ordinary users will easily use it.

Why is it recommended that developers have a good UI? Because your ultimate goal is to make users stay with the application. Therefore, when the application is easy to use, at least, they will not complain about why your application is not working properly.

But if there are developers who produce apps with useful UI and design, you can try to work with them.

# Don't Just Look For Low Prices, Quality Must Be Prioritized

The third thing that can be tips for choosing the right mobile app developer is about the price. Maybe low prices with fast completion can be an attractive option, but is the quality excellent? If the condition is okay, no problem, but if not, you should not force it.

The quality of your mobile app will be the face of your business in the eyes of users who will become potential customers. When the quality is not good, of course, your image will be bad in their eyes.

You better spend a little more budget for more quality. Instead of having to bear the shame because your mobile app cannot be used properly after launching later.

# Ask for Recommendations from Others

Another way is to ask for other people's recommendations. Take recommendations from at least 10 people who have made a mobile app of the type you are. See the response of these recommendations, whether many are the same or not.

When many are the same, you may consider the developer. If not, look for developers who have the best UI in your opinion.

# Work together with a Team that Wants to Work with You

Connecting from the first point, the point is in choosing a mobile app developer, in addition to price, quality, speed, and advice from others, you have to find people who intend to work with you.

With a sense of wanting to work together in two directions, you will easily talk to them and make your mobile app perfect.

You may not play around in choosing a developer for your mobile app. As long as it's cheap and fast, but the results are also messy. Expensive with good quality but very long in the process also should not be an option.

Finding a developer who is in the middle of these two criteria is indeed not easy. But when you have discovered who is genuinely interested in working on your project, surely the mobile app will be something that will satisfy both parties.

For that, you can start with a free consultation with us about the needs of the mobile app for your business. ProgressTech provides Android and iOS-based mobile application development services that can be accessed more easily, quality, and optimal functions.

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5 Psychological Principles You Need To Know, To Increase Website Conversions

In increasing the brand awareness of your business, the website plays an important role. This can be seen from Stanford University research that says 46.1% of people say website design is a criterion that decides whether a company is credible or not.

To make a website more attractive and have a high conversion rate, you also need to apply the following psychological principles.

# Pragnanz's Law

In Gestalt psychology, the main principle used is Pragnanz's Law. This law states that we tend to organize experiences in an orderly, symmetrical, and simple way.

This psychology focuses on the human tendency to comprehend visual phenomena as a whole rather than partially understanding.

With websites, you can use this law by grouping elements that can be linked to one another, such as testimonial boxes, images, and conversion buttons.

By grouping these elements, the user's brain will be able to process information faster. Of course, this will help increase your website's conversion. An example that successfully applies this principle is The Sims 3, which can increase conversions up to 128%.

# Fitt’s Law

Next, there is a unique principle called Fitt’s Law. This principle emphasizes the time needed to move your mouse to the target on the website, such as buttons and text to images.

The closer and easier it is to go by using the mouse, it will make users more interested, and of course, this will not take long.

This principle was once applied by SAP, one of the software companies. Previously, SAP placed the CTA button at the bottom of the website. This turned out to be a waste of time and ineffective.

Finally, SAP also changed it by placing it in the right position at the top with a striking color. This method was proven and able to increase SAP conversion by up to 32.5%.

# Principle of Benefits

Elliot Shmulker from LinkedIn said that growth could occur because of three main factors, namely reaching more people, reducing friction, and creating benefits for better results.

The more useful your idea is, the more people will do what you recommend. Then, how can this be implemented to increase website conversions? One simple example is the one carried out by the Social platform that made small changes but had a big impact, namely by adding the word "Free" next to the "Sign Up Now" button.

In this way, Social conversions increased by 28% than before, who did not add the word "Free."

# Past Experience

This principle is also known as mental models. The assumption is that experience has an impact on the knowledge you are doing now.

If related to the website, experience certainly has a big influence on someone's interest in visiting your site. If the previous experience is not good, someone might leave your website.

Conversely, if you continue to innovate to make it better, then website visitors will survive. It is not even impossible to reach new website visitors.

Computer component companies, AMD can demonstrate this. Previously AMD did not use the website for sales, but after a website overhaul, sales also increased, and the conversion was able to break the 3600% figure.

# Use face

Most people like human faces. When we see a human face, in psychology, we are triggered to feel empathy for that person.

If the content of your website has content that addresses a matter and the aspects of life, you should need to include face images in articles, testimonials, and case studies.

When using faces on a website, try to be appropriate, and describe the business or content of the website. We can illustrate this with Vendeve, a social network for women entrepreneurs.

This website uses the face of a career woman to reflect the contents of the website and target readers. The same thing was done by Highrise. As a result, the conversion increased by 102.5% after using this technique.

Those are some psychological principles that you can do to increase your website conversion. Good luck and hopefully useful!

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The Most Important Components in Modern Web Design

The digital era now makes the interaction between consumers and producers easier. One way is to use a website to see a product, promo, and so on.

Given the huge role that websites play in marketing and selling a product and service, it is crucial to make the site look attractive and look modern. To create this, five components need to be considered, as in the following review.

# The layout is Good to Look at

A website should pay attention to the layout of the design so that readers easily capture and receive the information conveyed. For that, make a simple layout you can do. Make arrangements or flow of information that can be followed by the eyes of the reader.

Then, you need to arrange the elements based on what priority scale will be conveyed. The composition includes the most important, important, and less important things. For the most crucial thing (main post), you should put it on the left side, while the sidebar is on the right. The balance of the composition of design elements is also important to note so that it looks neat.

# Choose the Font Type of Interesting Fonts

After choosing a layout, the next step is to select the font type font. Choosing letters on the website is certainly different from choosing fonts for brochures or writing books. This is because the human eye gets tired more quickly when reading on paper. Selecting the font type of the website font is considered important because it is characteristic of your business and can increase readership.

There are four primary letter classifications, namely Serif, Sans Script, Serif, and Decorative. Serif gives a classic and elegant impression like Garamond, Times New Roman, Georgia, and Cambria. In contrast, Sans Serif is best used because its readability is high and gives a formal and casual impression.

Examples are Helvetica, Arial, Trebuchet, Verdana, and Josefin Sans. For script letters, you can use the post title and avoid using it in the body text. While decorative, as well as the Script, suitable for the title and body text.

# Play Color Combinations

Visitors and readers of your website will be interested in the design has pleasing colors. Color can also affect the mood and psychology of the reader. Also, avoid using colors that are busier than the content.

To combine colors well, use light colors for the background and dark colors for the text. If you're not too sure, you can use the grayscale motif.

To create its own characteristics on the website, choose one color that you will highlight. As for the variations, you can use other colors, but the tone and gradation must still be the same as the main color.

# Menu Navigation

On a website, navigating this menu can be analogous to a clue to make it easier for readers to find the desired content. There are two types in this navigation, namely linear navigation and hamburger navigation.

For website in niche card games such as poker or sports book, menu navigation has important role to ease visitor on registration and do the transactions, better it is deposit or withdrawal. Online bookmaker professional website implements the hamburger menu to make good navigation but still with great and interactive design.

However, you should use hamburger navigation because it's easier and gives room to the website. One web design that uses this type is Google Chrome.

Tips for making navigation seem easy are by placing it at the top of the layout, either below or above the header. Next, categorize navigation by theme and topic.

Use the dropdown menu to separate sub-topics from other sub-topics and use only one navigation bar. Don't forget to also provide a 'search' button on the display, including the contacts that can be contacted.

# Image and Video Quality

You need to pay attention to the quality of the pictures and videos used. Ideally, good photos have a minimum resolution of 150 PPI. Use images in JPG format.

Avoid using photos with watermarks, and if the photo is licensed, you should buy it to avoid copyright issues.

Next is to use photos and videos that are relevant to the contents of your content. If you take pictures from other websites, mention the source with a complete direct link. This is to avoid copyright infringement.

How quite easy, is not the way to make a modern website look? Good luck, and good luck with your website, successfully getting high traffic!

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Things You Must Consider Before Making a Mobile Application

The variety of mobile applications available can help almost all the needs of the community. You can get communication, transportation, work, or hobby needs from the use of a mobile application.

However, it is not an easy thing to make mobile applications, both Android and iOS. You must know what the essential elements needed to be able to make a mobile application are. Consider the following:

# Where the Application Will Be Used

The first step that must be done when creating a mobile application is to think about where or what the application will be used for. Remember, not necessarily the application that you make can be used anywhere or anytime.

You have to think specifically about where the user will use the mobile application because this will affect the design of your mobile app later.

For example, the application is related to geo-location aspects that must be connected to the Global Positioning System (GPS) and will be used when the user is running.

For this type of application, make sure its basic functions can be accessed and seen easily, remembering the user using it while they are moving.

Applications that will be used when the user is running/moving must focus on large, easy-to-read text and can be easily scrolled.

# Define the Main Purpose of the Application

A goal-oriented approach is the safest way to create effective and successful mobile applications. The point here is that you have to think carefully about what goals you want to achieve from the mobile app that you will create.

Research what your community and customer needs are, what they use to support their daily activities and how you can help them. The clear main purpose will be your guide in creating and developing the mobile application.

# Clear Design

Not only is the design of the application bright, but also the design in all aspects, including, of course, the application features. You must ensure that you and the user have the same understanding of the function and use of the application when creating the mobile app.

Don't make the design as you wish and instead confuse the user. When creating a mobile application, make sure the menu is made simple and easy to read, making it easier for users to understand how to use it.

You can also add relevant icons to clarify the function of each section in the application further.

# Responsive Design and Size

There are many types of devices that people use with different screen sizes, so make sure your application can be opened on all devices without exception.

This means the programmer or application developer must create a mobile application with responsive design and size so that it can be adapted to the device used by the user.

# Multi-User and Multi-Device Options

Consider creating multi-user and multi-device systems or features to make it easier for users to use your application.

For that, you also have to design a registration process that allows users to have accounts that can be used on two or more different devices in the process of creating a mobile application.

Don't make the registration or login process complicated, given the many applications that require users to fill in so much data that it makes the user lazy to continue. If a user has to fill out their data for more than 1 minute, then you can immediately lose a lot of potential users.

# Appropriate Platform

Don't be confused with the many platforms available on the internet. Choose the one that best suits your needs and your main goals. Do not let the platform instead cause your mobile application not to function properly.

Also, make sure you have used the right generic code and the correct product type for your application type.

# Colors to Get the Message Right

Colors can be selected and used to target specific purposes. For example, the black color on one button and the brighter color on other buttons, then the message will be conveyed: the first button is the most important button of all.

Don't use a different color for each button and try to make a clear difference between the button and the background used. Also, think about the psychology of the colors used.

Users generally tend to avoid orange buttons because this common perception of colors creates a sense of urgency.

# Label Icon

In order not to confuse the user about the different functions of each button, it is better to give a clear label to each button or icon.

# Simple Design

Touch and design are very important in making modern mobile applications because almost all application usage is done by tapping (touch) to the screen. That is why make sure the design of a mobile app is designed.

For example, the location of the placement of the menu that is above, below, or right and left side greatly affects the comfort of use by the user.

# Feedback and Evaluation

The parties who immediately feel good or bad about your mobile application are the users. They hope to be able to use applications that respond quickly and effectively. Receive all feedback and periodically evaluate your mobile app.

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For Your Business Needs Choose To Create A Website Or Mobile Application?

Industrial Revolution 4.0 makes many aspects of life dependent on the internet. Likewise, with the business world. You certainly need promotions quickly and easily. For this reason, a website and a mobile application are required. Between the two, sometimes you feel confused about choosing which platform. To help you make your choices, you can listen to the following reviews. However, you also need to know that creating websites and mobile applications directly is also possible.

Know the Difference Between Both First

Websites generally consist of browser-based HTML pages that can be connected and accessed via the internet. There are two types of websites, namely mobile websites and standard websites. The standard site is designed for devices with a large enough capacity, such as computers, laptops, or tablets. As for mobile websites, it is made more straightforward because it is used for smartphones, both displaying text, images, data, and video.

Meanwhile, the application is a tool for accessing certain things through a smartphone. Before using it, you need to download it through a special portal such as the Apple App Store, Play Store, and so on. Just like websites, mobile applications have advantages, either by downloading them when connected to the internet or can be accessed without using an internet connection.

The Right Time and Purpose to Make It

After knowing the difference between the two, maybe you need to consider when the right time to make it. Besides, it is also important to pay attention to what is the purpose of creating a website or mobile application for business.

We peel from the mobile application first. If you want for everyday needs, a mobile app is more appropriate. For example, for communication purposes, tools to complete tasks, payments, and transportation. Meanwhile, if you aim for entertainment, whether you need an internet connection or not, you can create mobile applications such as music players, games, and so on. The mobile app is also suitable for those of you who have businesses around information portals such as social media or news sites.

Then, what about the website? Please create a business website first. This is because people will be interested in reading and viewing websites. As more and more people visit business websites, consider making a mobile application. Of course, this aims to make it easier for potential customers. However, some are doing the opposite. This is more determined by the size or size of the business that you manage, considering that making both costs the same amount.

Things to note

In installing a website and a mobile application or both, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. Here are a few of them, both for websites and mobile apps.

  • Website

Users can access the website with a browser that is on a PC or smartphone that has been installed automatically, considering accessing the site requires an internet connection first. Website access speed depends on internet connection speed. The faster the connection, the smoother you can access the website.

The website also has limitations, such as in terms of access to the camera, and so on. However, the advantage is that it is cheaper and content indexed by search engines and does not depend on any device.

  • Mobile Application

The advantage of a mobile application lies in its ability to be used while offline, depending on the application. In terms of graphic appearance, you could say it's better and can use other features such as cameras and so on. Apart from that, the mobile application is also quite fast for making money.

However, on the other hand, there are disadvantages such as content that is not indexed by search engines and only depends on certain devices. The manufacturing costs are also not cheap and require additional costs for updating.

How about making both?

Installing a website or a mobile application together has more advantages for your business. With both, you can expand the reach of promotions, not only domestically but abroad. You can offer business products or services online anytime and anywhere, keeping in mind the people of the world at any time must access the internet for seven days 24 hours. Therefore, make a schedule for making interesting posts through business websites or mobile applications.

Next is to introduce your business to the wider community. The public will want to know what products you offer and their advantages. A website or mobile application can provide that information quickly to the public. Not only that, but both of them also make it easier for the public to get other information such as job vacancies and so on.

Reducing the cost of expenses, you can certainly get by using both. Indeed, at the beginning of manufacture may be somewhat expensive. However, try to compare it with if you use conventional promotions. Costs incurred will be higher, and you need extra energy to do marketing, promotions, and offers to consumers.

Either installing a website or a mobile application, all depends on your business needs. Installing both is possible if your business is well known and has a stable financial standing. So, which one do you want to choose?

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Is Using Progressive Web App, Companies Will Get Benefits?

Progressive Web App (PWA) had become a hot topic when Google in 2016 discussed it at the I / O event. PWA is a web application that runs like a native application, notification, and UX. An example of a PWA application is mobile Twitter and also mobile Facebook.

If you open the two websites above, you will feel that you have opened via the application. You can also explore this when you open the Amazon and Alibaba websites through a mobile browser.

Now you are also wondering, what are the actual benefits of using PWA, especially for the sustainability of your company? Check out the answer below:

# Your Website Can Be Opened Offline

The first advantage of PWA is that your website can be opened offline. When visitors have the chance to open a website, PWA will systematically save several pages that have been opened previously. Then what if there are visitors who have time to click on an offline website? In PWA, you can make settings to prepare your own offline page.

However, there are some weaknesses here. For your website that depends its life on Adsense, on offline pages, ads will not come out. Even so, at least the visitors will not be disappointed after opening the website.

# Display Like Application, Works Like a Website

One of the great advantages of a mobile website that has been integrated with PWA is that the website's appearance will be very similar to the application, and all of its UI / UX will work like on the site. In 2016, Google released a study that 11% of website visitors agreed to download a PWA website.

Not only that, but about 6-7% of website visitors also agree to receive push notifications. So, if your market is mostly middle-to-low, this will be an advantage because they don't need to install applications and fill the memory in their smartphones.

# Improve Website Performance

If you link the website with Analytics, you will see how the website's performance is very influential on the return of visitors. Now try to imagine if there are visitors who come to your website, then it turns out there is a problem in the load time so they will never come back again.

Now, with this PWA, the visitors who previously had a problem with load time, they can calmly browse on the website without fear of slowing down.

In Google Analytics, you will see how many are returning visitors and also new visitors. Several things must be considered, and you should be able to do maintenance returning visitors. Because if you only rely on new visitors, your website will not be able to develop properly.

Progressive Web App or PWA allows your website or application to work optimally so that visitors or users feel satisfied when using it. The higher the level of their satisfaction, of course, the better the impact on your company. So, are you sure you are implementing PWA?

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Planning to Create an Effective Website Using the 8 Best Steps

Proper maintenance on the website is endless, and there is always room to redevelop existing designs. Although web design is more focused on usability rather than just a good appearance, however, both must be balanced because, without usability, the website will not be useful.

For this reason, there are several plans to create websites that need to be considered before you make them, such as analyzing user needs, design in accordance with business brands to increase conversions, and so on.

And the most important part of that plan is that it makes it easy for you to get your message across to users about your business goals. Such as the following.

1. Website Purpose

The purpose of each person to make a different website. Some aim to get increased sales, branding, informing company profiles, collecting email addresses that are targeted as prospects, and so on.

Ask yourself, what is the purpose of the website? This will determine some of the components of your website design layout and help you focus on ways that users can use the site to achieve your business goals.

2. Target Audience

Determining the target user of your website is not an easy thing. It takes a lot of research to find out who the specific target user is. This element will affect many things, such as design, button size, font type and size, content, and so on.

Further, in determining the right content for users, use the Google Keyword Tool to see relevant keyword traffic. This tool helps you in making content relevant to users.

3. Website Template

Things that must be considered before making the next website is to prepare the right website framework. Discuss this with the website creation service provider that you choose.

If you are sure of the website framework that is designed, start writing what pages need to be made along with the titles and subtitles, respectively.

Think about what content is needed for each page to build engagement with users.

4. Color Theme

Less is more, including selecting website themes. The simpler the theme used, the more effective the website will be because it won't confuse the user.

Themes with simple layouts and colors make it easier for users to find the call to action (CTA) button and navigate the website.

Specific industries generally have their own color themes. For example, the green color for environmentally friendly industries and blue for the technology industry. Decide on the use of color with your web developer or graphic designer.

5. Content

There is a famous assumption in the digital world, namely "content is king." It is recommended that you make at least about 200 characters of text for each page. Dare to create content that can attract the attention of users and effectively "read" by search engines like Google.

6. Purpose of Web Pages

Even though they have the same main goal, each page has a specific function and purpose. For example, to encourage users to provide their email, enter the credit card information, or attend certain events.

You also need different CTAs to allow users to see clearly what they need to do on the linked page. Test each page with the CTA installed and evaluate which works best.

7. Business Needs

The type of platform you use depends on your need to create a website. Some people use WordPress's Content Management System (CMS), for example.

But some choose to build a website using the programming language from the beginning to adjust the results of the site with the needs to be met.

8. Hosting Service

There are many hosting providers with advantages and disadvantages. To ensure you get the best service, choose a hosting provider that provides 24-hour service for you.

Be careful, if Google bot visits your website when the server is down, then your website's ranking on Google can be very negatively affected.