Apr 23, 2020 Digital Transformation

4 Quotes from “Star Wars” That Could Be Inspiration for Your Company Change

Getting constructive inspiration for your company can come from anywhere, no exception from the movies you like. Star Wars, for example, this popular film presents not only interesting stories worth watching but also many quotes that are quite impressive.

Some of the quotes you can make inspiration for your company. Curious? Check the full information below!

Do or do not. There is no try, Yoda.

The quote delivered by Yoda to Luke in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back is quite inspiring for those of you who are always hesitant in doing something. The word try indicates the possibility of failure that you let happen, while the word doing emphasizes that you will do your best without thinking about failure.

By changing the word try by doing, you will become more optimistic and motivated to do things maximally. If this happens within the company, there will certainly be many positive changes. You can also take this quote to change your income by playing betting in soccer bet in agen bola sportsbook. All you have to do is just by start and doing these habits, just like Yoda said.

There are no more futile trials, only ideas to be realized for the sake of company change and development.

You watch your language, C3PO.

The quote presented by one of these Star Wars C3PO characters can be used in the world of work to make the company better. Sometimes, all problems that might be encountered in a company need to be discussed properly to find the best solution.

Paying attention to the use of language and ways of speaking from employees to the boss or vice versa is very important to give birth to perfect synergy. In the professional world, certainly wrong is still wrong, and right is always right, but conveying what is wrong with good language speech also certainly does not hurt.

With good and polite grammar, chances are your company will develop a culture and a comfortable atmosphere. That way, your employees will be more enthusiastic to work so that they can contribute more to the maximum of your company. This quote is quite feasible.

I find your lack of faith disturbing, Darth Vader.

Your company certainly has its vision, mission, and targets to be achieved. To achieve these things, of course, it takes hard work and trust in what is desired. That’s what you can quote from this one quote Darth.

If you don’t have confidence in what you want, how will you turn that dream into reality? Try to grow confidence in yourself about the work entrusted with and work hard to achieve company goals.

If the boss and employees have the same belief in the company’s targets, it will be easier to make it happen. At the very least, the enthusiasm and confidence that you have can trigger steps that have a positive impact on a better company change.

There are too many things you don’t understand, Darth Vader.

The antagonist in the Star Wars movie is certainly familiar to fans of this one film. Although the character is full of shades of darkness, Darth still has thoughts that you can make inspiration. One of them is this one quote.

You can apply this quote in the company to remind both employees and yourself never to stop learning.

If someone already feels they know everything, it is difficult to learn new things and see things from a different perspective, right?

A knowledge-wise attitude will greatly disrupt company performance. Especially if that attitude is not accompanied by reliable performance, the condition of your company can be a threat. Therefore, you should always encourage your employees to continue to learn and apply new and creative ways to complete the tasks given.

This is quite effective in improving the quality of work and make the office atmosphere more pleasant. Remember, the more capabilities and knowledge you have, the greater the new opportunities you can get later.